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support Unicode (UTF-8) in Nextion-System ?

is it possible in future to use unicode charachters in NEXTION Editor and display ?

I think not the full UTF-8 system* is needed

but at least one-byte an two-byte characters (?)


UTF8 is important for almost every European languange if you think of "german umlauts" (äÄöÖüÜß @ µ ° ² ³ ~ ..) or French or any Scandinavian language ...

*(UTF8 uses variable byte encoding: one single character can have 1byte, 2bytes, 3bytes or even 4bytes length)

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Got it. 

Feedback to the RD team.

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Did you got feedback from the RD Team?

Thanks for your support.

ITEAD RD team said “it is possible in the future”. 

We hope to support all languages in the world,

but you konw the First Priority now is to improve functions of the software and fix the bugs.

We are doing work sincerely!

Together we can make it better.

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if I were a company like you,
I would ask if UTF-8 is supported BEFORE I decide to buy a display solution like NEXTION ... ;-)


yes all info was clearly posted what current support was available and whats to come, you either have to wait for further supported languages or buy a more expensive solution


[Jeg håper også vi får muligheten til å bruke norske bokstaver etter hvert.]

Until UTF8 is introduced in Nextion Editor, you can create buttons as images.

As for now, the fonts in Nextion Editor look bad anyway, so you can't use them for a professional product.

You can simply create PNG images in Paint:


[Ja, jeg bor i Oslo. Jeg er dessverre ikke noen profesjonell programmerer, jeg driver kun med det som en hobby.]

I recommend you to open the Arduino file in the Progress bar example

This example contains two buttons "btn_up" and "btn_down". When you press the buttons, the value of the progress bar "j0" is changed:

@Per: Would you please write in english? And would you please open a new thread "Arduino für beginners"? This thread handles the problem "Support Unicode (UTF-8) in Nextion-System".

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What about UTF-8 now ?
never heard anything from ITEAD about this the last months ...
(In another thread I read something about ISO-8859 which is single 8-byte only)


I want to use Nextion for few projects, but without UTF-8 it's very hard.

Nextion Editor V0.31 add support for ISO8859 character set.

You can download the preview version here:

We will publicly release this version next week.

Please test, and let me know if there is any bugs, feedback on the above thread. 


that's nice, but we asking about UTF-8 here,
what about that in future ?


Thank you very much to ITEAD Team!
All Norwegian letters seems ok.