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Firmware Update without Nextion Editor?

This thread has been deemed Historical.

- as deemed Historical, this thread is preserved.

The Facts remain that

 - the Nextion Editor and UsartHMI will remain closed source.

 - TJC devices are intended for the Chinese market

 - Nextion devices are intended for the International Market

 - support for TJC devices will be supported by TJC.

 - support for Nextion devices is delivered by Itead.


Regarding the Firmware Update the Upload protocol was published

  Blog : Nextion HMI Upload Protocol (blog post

As such, the Feature Request requested is deemed Implemented

The legal agreement between Itead and TJC remains in place

Some recent postings attempt to circumvent such agreement.

As such, this thread will be closed to further comments.


if i am right, currently there are to options for a firmware update: either via Nextion Editor or with an SD Card plugged directly into the display.

it would be a great improvement, if there was a possibility loading a tft file via the serial connection of the MCU, because if the Display is integrated in a commercial product there are some disadvantages with the current methods:

uploading via Nextion Editor lets the customer see the whole source code, and uploading via SD requires access to the sd card slot, which is not always possible, and also requires an additional SD card.

do you see such possibility in future or maybe can you explain, how this could be done within the current circumstances?

thanks a lot!

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Hey, thats a great idea, i would give Nextion a try, if that would be possible. I am building some small fun-robots. They should be able to be quickly reprogrammed without an sd card. A lightweight peace of software (like X-Loader for Arduino hex-files) or just a few command line- codlines with the right parameters would be great. For me also updating via Nextion editor is not what i want, because user should not be able to edit the HMI files. In my case it is not a question of copyright, but more a protection in order that nobody can make a mistake. - Just "pushing" the hex-file to the display would be GREAT!!!

Hahi, did you maybe get a private answer from itead? If so, please let us know, if you found a solution!!

for an end user situation where the mcu firmware and display both need the update embedding the screen update inside the mcu portion of the firmware would be handy, a sort of pass through mode or mcu bootloader would probably be needed to do the screen too

kinda like the Taranis radio does for rf module updates in service mode

Add me to the list.  How do we update firmware on the Nextion?  Apparently there are upgrades, but I have no idea how (or if it is currently possible) to upgrade the firmware.


This function is planned.

Just as @Sandra Wegmann said,   A lightweight peace of software (like X-Loader for Arduino hex-files) or just a few command line- codlines with the right parameters

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@itead ,  please publish the communication specification for the tft upload

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Yes, please have a way to programmatically add buttons and stuff without the use of the editor. For the most part our interface can be set using the editor but there are some extra buttons and stuff that get created at run time depending on the configuration read from another board. It would be nice to have something like button.add(page, id, type, text)

It's in progress. 

We will release in no long time... after iso-8859 support is implemented. 

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 my nextion 4.3" can`t to read my projects when i put the sd with tft file it say "Sd card init ERRER Pleas Check your Sd Card is Fat32?" .
i want to refresh the firmware but i don`t know where are the Firmware File.

@Hugo Alberto Sotelo Torres 

Try to use another sd card, 

capacity < 16G ; FAT32 format.


any update here?

It would be very nice to be able to update the Display without SD-Card.

Because SD-Card Extension is not a nice solution, in case the Slot is not reachable.

Is there any other solution to bring up the TFT File to the Nextion?

What about USB/RS232 TTL Converter?

If so, how to do that?


 the tx/rx lines using an adapter over the supplied data cable is the way described if i recall and early documentation posted

it is mentioned you can also use the sd card , its much faster too, but in some mounting situations unassessable 

if you have a large screen you need to supply external power different than your adapter to upload

for smaller screens the usb adapter will provide enough

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and where is the firmware file?


after you compile 

under the nextion editor top menu

click "file" then "open build folder" 

copy the "xxxxx.hmi" to the sd card root

or upload the compiled project using the editor 

the new firmware will be updated with each build using the compiled file 

I think, that you should create some app to upload fw by re-engenirring nextion transfer with MIT with arduino for example.