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Write the values of the objects to another page


I wish I could write in the objects from another page.


Page 1 I have a text box t0. Click on it and open the page 2 with the keyboard and the box t1. I write my name with the keyboard and when I press the enter page 2 closes back to page 1 and t0 box must have a value of t1 box.

You could do type pag1.t0.txt = pag2.t1.txt.

Or giving unique names for all pages of the objects, you can edit any page t0.txt that is on the page 1.

sorry for my bad English.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This has been implemented by setting .vscope to Global

There are more complex issues when dealing with Globals that are not on the current page as the non current page is not in memory, and only the .txt or the .val is Global and not the whole of the components. But this is another topic.