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ITEAD, where are you???

There are many questions and bugs, but I'm missing statements and answers from ITEAD.

I think it should be within the realms of possibility to get answers within one week ...

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Im  plan to buy 100 pcs. Nextion 3.2" pr. years.
But when ITEAD unresponsive then it hopeless
to use NEXTION professionally.
There are also viruses on Last Editor download.
Have sent a mail and reported this however ITEAD
does not respond!

Best regards
Ringebu Musikkservice

It's a great idea and a great project. I accept that the removal of bugs costs time. But a bad support destroys the positive perception.

V.22 or V0.21? Current version should be 0.21.

The setup is identical to V0.21. But my virus scanner doesn't locate any virus.

A typing error? Or V0.22 will come soon.

The EXE file has the same size as for v0.21.

AVG AntiVirus doesn't detect virus on this file.

Strange that ITEAD is using resources to create this new website but don't take time to answer questions in this forum... :-(

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@Raphaël: Maybe there are several people/teams working. The website is excellent, the hardware great, the software moderate, and the support bad.

What can we do??? Inform the management???

ITEAD is here with you.

New version Nextion Editor will be released in Early Aug.

Lots of functions are added, and some bugs are fixed.

your community support is in fact very bad.
This is a very small forum here and you are not able to answer simple questions in time...
(there's even not version history changelog yet)

I am surely not alone when I say:
I would not recommend NEXTION to other makers and/or companies at present .
NEXTION will not become a success if the support (and the editor software) will not get better very soon...



In fact we mainly focus on fix bugs you can see from "Report a Bug",  severals bugs are fixed since the editor was released 

Several cacography will be fixed in v0.22 as well.

We add more features according to the feedback on "feature request", function "Change Log", as well as "diagram" are ready and will be added in V0.22. 

We are having final test now.

We listen to customers as well.  

- V0.20 was a shit, when we got the feedback, we fixed the bugs in v0.21, it took no more than 24 hours after the release of v0.21.

- The spam issue, I got the feedback from support ticket, I compared the MD5 and found no spam.  I even shared the original file by dropbox...

- Some one would like to use the Arduino Library in business project, so I modified the licence from GPL to  a free-to-use licence.

At this stage, Nextion Editor may has lots of bugs, and receive lots of feature requests, But we can only take one small bite of the elephant at time.

You will be able to see the project growing.

Community support, normally I watch BUG REPORT and FEATURE REQUEST more closely. 

Now I have a new colleague, @ITEAD_Looky to watch and  interact in FREE CHAT.


It's good to see that progress is going on.
(we can not see from here what ITEAD is doing or not doing - you have to tell us from time to time ;-)

>>"normally I watch BUG REPORT and FEATURE REQUEST more closely."
why not answering there as well ?
because otherwise we can not know if you will react or if you even have read this or that issue...
Look, this thread "ITEAD, where are you???" expresses exactly the feeling that most of us users have regarding your support...


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@ITEAD: Nice to hear from you. I agree with Dirks statements. Answering asap to threads is very important.

Looking forward to a great project!!!

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@Dirk, @Uwe

OK, understand.

Will do.

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