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Move images

It would be great if we could programmatically (serial commands) move images (x, y, rotate, hide, ...). Thanks

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series of pictures

How is rotation done via user code?

Possible through user code.  Not needed to be implemented


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

pic picq, xpic for pictures over serial was implemented

Rotation probably a long wait as Nextion is

- integer based, lacks floating point, lacks trig/graphic functions in firmware

Best results for rotation is to create a series of pictures in rotated form, and swap pics by number.

rotating pictures / components has been listed previous and carries.

ok :-)

Actually, I just figure it out... cheers! (i had the same picture already in use!)

@Jeroen, I have been trying to use the "pic" function but I think I do something wrong... I get "invalid ID". were do you store the pictures and what are their ID? just the default ID seems not working. Cheers

any new update on this topic? I used the "pic" command and refresh the screen but it causes an ugly flicker as the screen updates (I am continuesly moving a dot on the screen...)

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@Bspranger, there is the `pic` command to draw a pic at a given position (but no rotation and you need to refresh between two positions to erase the previous pic).

I also added a function wrapper in my Particle lib

On a related note (mostly in regards to sprites), this is sort of what 4d systems does with their workshop, except that the app will generate the sprites for you - I guess its not technically sprites, IIRC, a sprite has all the 'images' in one wide or tall image and x,y cords establish which part to load.  The 4d route you can provide the background and foreground, start and stop points and then spit out the images in between, so if you have a gauge who's range is 90*, you'll get 90 images in a folder etc. This as opposed to having the processor in the screen rotate the image.

Maybe we should submit it as a bug instead of a feature request :-P

@ Jeff:
I made the same probosal month ago
but no answer from ITEAD ...


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@Jeff et al, if you want this you might like to upvote this proposal too


Proposal for extension of progressbar or gauge

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I'd love to be able to create a custom dial for a gauge instead of just the line (unless I missed something...) which would mean adding an image and rotating it etc.

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This would be a nice feature in connection with transparency (rotating rectangles don't always look great ;-) ).

I've just opened a feature request for transparency.

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