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Nextion Editor

 Anyone have suggestions on installing the editor software. I keep getting " Nextion editor setp ended prematurely because of an error"  I am using Win7, any ideas?



Update.  When trying to install EXE on computer, it would not install. Once I put it on a USB drive , then it installed.


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Hi,@Rkonnen. Maybe something wrong. I remember that the old version can not be installed in C/:,but the V0.21 has fixed it. You can download the lastest EXE here: 

Hope everything goes well !

 Question: Can someone help me out on this. I am trying to read an analog pin and write it to the Nextion 2.4. I have tried several different sketch combinations. Can some body just show me how it is done , so I can see what I am not getting.


You can try the tutorial from ITEAD

Use the code starting with "float getValue;".

Don't use the code starting with "#indluce nextion.h", it is not compatible with the new Arduino library from ITEAD.


Could you add a comment in your tutorial to explain that the code starting with "#indluce nextion.h" is not valid any more with the new library.

By the way, it should be "include" instead of "indluce"...

Raphael,  So what am I missing below?

float getValue;
int value;
float oldvalue;

void setup() {
void loop() {
getValue = analogRead(A0);
if (getValue = oldvalue)
{ oldvalue = getValue;
getValue = (getValue * 100 / 1023);
value = getValue;



In your code you have "if (getValue = oldvalue)" with one "=", but it should be two "==".

With the code "getValue = oldvalue" the value of getValue is changed back to oldValue :-)

  Thank you, that worked .


just wondering why the latest link in the wiki still points to an older revision .21

the update loads the newer 26 version though

Hi,@Charles lakins.

We have updated the download link.

The latest version is V0.26 by now.

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Hi, can anyone give me some information on how to work with the new waveform component. How to send commands to it.


The command is : add cmpID, ch, val

we have updated the wiki of instruction set:

The tutorial of waveform component will be posted soon.TKS

The command is : add cmdID, ch, val

Maybe it should be cmpID instead of cmdID.

cmd = command

cmp = component

It should also be "ref cmpID" instead of "ref cpmID"

It is also nice if you insert links using the dedicated icon. 

Be a good example for the users of the forum :-) 


Here is the example of waveform component in Arduino_Nextion_library,

How to use wave form component:

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