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HMI symbols

 Is there anywhere a free library for HMI symbols like buttons, indicators etc.?

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Not there...

Maybe we can start a design group for different styles of controls and indicators. I have worked in the past with Povray and played around a few hours today with the next result:

Let us hear from you.


The source files...? See attachments. Povray is for free !!!


(7.71 KB)
Then the question: is it possible to import from a library of controls and indicators with each are composed with different components? Such a control or indicator exist not only of a set of components but also a set software functions (C/C++) to use them in a HMI design.



It's on schedule. 

After we release the new version, we will see what we can do on such functions.

See also ticket #19915
b.t.w. When is the new release planned???

Early Aug.

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