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Update of a txt component


I have a Text Component "T" that I need to update dynamically.

So I send T.txt="toto"

It works and displays toto .

But if I send a new value T.txt="titi"

It writes titi but without clearing toto.


Please try "ref T". This will refresh the component.

 I have tried, but same result...

If the txt component is declared with sta="solid color" or "image" , it works (text is correctly redrawn)

But when sta="crop image", the background image is not redrawn :(.

Does "ref page0" work?

Hum,I think it works.

But you have to set the field "picc" of the text object to the same picture that the background of the page...

If not done, I have the issue.

It looks like a bug in the editor.

When you create a new text object, by default it is "sta=solid color"

If you change it to "sta=crop image", the field "picc" is not defined.

And in this case there is the issue.

Maybe the editor should warn or force the user to select a value...

Ok, that's the reason. I just tried it and it works. The editor seems not to be perfect ...

This bug should be fixed soon.

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