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Font not correct

My fonts (Arial) looks very curious:

(85.7 KB)

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... and here a screenshot from my project:



I think there is a big issue with fonts.

I have generated 4 fonts (Arial, Gothic, Wingdings and CourrierNew)

When I click on view, they always display the same... (and with the same issues you reported)

On my project I put 4 text components.

Each component has a different font.

But they all display the same ...

In the font creator, I don't know how it should work but in the preview I only have a red X displayed ... Normal ?

In the range dropbox, I only have "ASCII char".

And arrows don't do anything (report Exceed Bottom Edges...)


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@Christophe Lindheimer: ITEAD wrote in the Nextion Editor Quick Start Guide "For now, the English Font format that Nextion Editor only supports is Arial.". So the effect "... they always display the same ..." is normal.

 OK, U right.

However, when I take the demo from itead (24.hmi), there are 3 fonts (probably 3 differents size of arial)




If I make a font preview of 0-arial-8X16, it looks nice.

So I guess the current version of "Font generate" does not work correctly and does not generate a good .zi file.

To get the correct font, I have imported the 24.hmi in my project, removed all resources but the font.

So I now have a correct font in my project...

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@Christophe Lindheimer: Great idea!!! But that unfortunately solves not my problem. I need a bigger font (48 ... 80).

There's a bug with accented characters.

In the new HMI example files ( ) there's a font containing accented characters :

But when I try to use these letters in a text component, an extra space is added behind them :

@ITEAD: Could you please give us a status? Will this bug be solved in V0.22?

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Status: final testing.

Change log V0.22:

-  add: chart control

-  add: fonts support

-  add: change log

-  fix bug: fail to connect to server

-  fix bug: display of text control 

 optimize: Nextion Editor GUI 

-  optimize: spelling errors

-  optimize: software upgrade

-  optimize: support bigger font (maximum height 160)

Now Nextion can only support ASCII. 

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Dear Itead, any prevision for V0.22 release?


The issues with fonts is way I put my Itead Nextion displays where they belong, in the trash. If the manufacturer had been more keen to fix basic problems, I would have used them. 

ZI Font support is limited to specific font sizes in a fix width format.

The main restrictions are height is a multiple of 8 and width is limited to half of height.

This leaves: 4x8,8x16,12x24,16x32,20x40 ...upto and including 80x160.

Converting fixed width Fonts such as Terminal, Lucida Console, Consolas works

Expecting good results from variable width fonts does not

ASCII includes characters 32 to 126 for a quantity of 95 characters

ISO-8859-XX support includes characters 32 to 255 for 224 characters.

The Nextion Editor work fine in systems, and very poorly in other setting.

As such there have been several .zi font file editors contributed by the users.

With the use of one of these Editors acceptable fonts can be had.

This topic will be closed as solved while remembered as an ongoing issue.