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Arduino library page profanity

I would recommend someone with admin privileges fix the profanity under supported board types section here...

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Looks like this is an official license type.

and what professional company would choose to use that, may I ask?

there must be more choices that use the same premis

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If the product was a work of art then one might overlook the informality. But the software is garbage and the product unusable in it's present form. The latest Arduino libraries only work with the Arduino MEGA? Is this a joke?

Itead has always provided terrible documentation and even worse code but because the hardware was always a clone we just used code from elsewhere. This time, nobody else is writing the code, we are stuck with Itead. It's time to produce some decent code and provide support.

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@Bentley Born

The product is GREAT.. don't try slamming something because of your lack of knowledge of it. A touch screen that only uses 4 wires with a gui interface is a blessing to those that have been doing this using 10,20,ect extra pins and lots, and lots of code to get the same results. Try writing your own code instead of getting upset at dev's for not writing it for you, the documentation is there. a lot of peps are using this product with no problems, my self included.

yeah this should be compatible with anything arduino related not just the megga

I plan on using mine with a teensy and don't see why it wont work either using the library as most arduino code does

@Charles  There is no reason for the Mega restriction besides laziness.  The Itead library is getting worse every update. As Joe P implies, it's best to just give up on Itead and write the code from scratch using the Nextion Instruction Set. It's not all that difficult.

I dont think its a restriction and see why it wont work on any arduino, I'm sure its just a simple list of boards that have been verified to work as of yet, i run almost all arduino code on the teensy

the only difference is defined pin outs on the board ,since the library are basic commands theres no reason it wont work on anything else

In the current library Serial2 is used. This restricts its use to the MEGA and it's not easily changed for the Arduino UNO. It's easier to write everything from scratch.

since theres three tx/rx lines on a teensy, its not just megga

if you edit with notepad++ its easy to find and replace all references in files to serial1

@Bentley Born, just because its Serial2 does not restrict it to just the MEGA.. there are other boards and there is also software serial, sometimes flakey, but an option.. At the end of the day, it is not restricted as implied and is a very nice add-on for the dev community.. its still new, more and more scripts and libraries will appear in time. Everyone is just now tinkering and creating.. I suggest sitting down, start tinkering and having fun..

I'm porting the library to the Particle Photon.  Given that so many platforms use Arduino "type" language (C++ and wiring), it is easy to port.  The Photon uses a different serial port but otherwise the code stays mostly as-is (I added conditionals on all the debug printing).  I had it working in minutes!

No it is not the best library I have ever seen and yes it could be more platform agnostic but it's a start!

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I am open to any license without any profanity. 

If some find suitable license, recommend to me, please.

We aim to set no restriction to the library.

I think the intent of the original poster was to point out that a commercial company does not need to use profanity in their product even if it is a official license type.

The post is not about the merits of the product nor a discussion regarding language used in modern society. Rather it is a suggestion to show a more professional description of the way this code may be used.

ITEAD, why not update the page with the disclaimer you have included in every file in the library.


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