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MCU connection

User MCU input is great feature. Why not implement also User MCU output. This would be great improvement in user application development.

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@Robert, what do you mean by "User MCU" and having "User MCU output:?


This is feature in simulation window, where you can connect direct to serial port, real hardware on the other side, but it works as input only

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Yes please, I would like to work on micro software without a screen connected. This would be great for working on updates without having to have a second screen available or while waiting for your screen to arrive in shipment.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

If I have understood the request, it is for MCU simulation

- I am not sure how realistic this is to attempt simulating all possible connected MCUs

The debug simulator can input from mouse clicks in window, clicks on the actual MCU

Has text inputs from the Input are, and has a return area for both simulator and MCU replies.

It will be represented none the less

Patrick. Not MCU simulation. Just output serial from the software to a serial port where the MCU is. Actually input and output to the serial port at the same time also would be great. This would allow us to work on MCU code without an actual screen attached. Really it is not a MCU simulation but a LCD Touch Screen simulation for the MCU. The benefits also include working on your MCU code with different LCD touch screens you do not current have in stock.

I hope this makes sense. I haven't used the software in a few months so I don't know what has changed.

This feature is fully functional now since few months ago. No need to change anything. Maybe just to be a little bit faster. Sometimes communication buffer need too much time to get empty .But for testing purposes more than enough.


The best that can be done via Nextion right now is to

1) simulate the HMI is the debug simulator - command input area - simulation return data

2) run the HMI through to the Nextion device - command input area - Nextion returns data

3) simulate the HMI is the debug simulator - command input area - simulation return data and Nextion return data

Or, I can connect my MCU through its programmer and debug the MCU

maybe even with the Nextion connected

Okay, I am glad it is working out.

Faster serial is also on the list so far.

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