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Additional use for SD slot?

Is there any other use for the SD card slot than for firmware update?

If not, whouldn't it make sense to add some commands to load data (e.g. settings, images, different skins, ...) from the SD and store info (e.g. settings, ...) onto the SD without an external controler. This should work with some speed.

And for really slow access some ways to do the above via RX/TX commands, just for completeness.

In a future hardware sprint it might also be possible to provide access to the SPI interface of the SD for external controlers/processors.


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If J2 (five solder pads at the bottom) does provide access to SD already, this might be good documenting on the datasheet.

If not, still tell what J2 is for ;-)

@Scruff.r, it would be better IMO if all graphics were stored on the SD, essentially removing any design limits (16MB on 4.3" Nextion).  4D Systems does this.

I don't see a problem in keeping the option (no obligation) of having some onboard for speedy access (e.g. home screen, frequently used setting screens, ...) but pushing the limits by opening the SD route.

No "either/or" but "hybrid" ;-)

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I agree such enhancement would be great

This post has been posted 6 month ago. Wher are we in this ?

Please add such feature will give more flexibility.

Having a project  on map navigation, it would be fine to be able to store images on the sd card and via a nex object display part of the image. for example display(myimage, topleft coordinate, bottomright coordinate)

Give access on Sd card permit to store Logs file or to send directly on cnc / 3d printer or any machine instrument in standalone .

How has progressed the idea of using SD to store?

read F.A.Q ... and you know it ...

There are enough MCUs out where which have a "built-on" micro-SDcard reader and an integrated SDIO h/w interface for that purpose, no need to force SD access from Nextion over slow serial. For example the Teensy 3.6...

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