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Not able to open samples for 2.4" and 4.3" on Nextion Editor v0.19

I wanted to play with the samples on my new displays but I can't open the HMI files with NE v0.19 (on Win 8.1Pro 64bit). 

It always complains about files being corrupted although I've downloaded them several times to make sure it's not corrupted.

And it's no good to suggest upgrading NE, since the download link seems to be dead.

@Scruff.r, this was an issue with v0.19 and was fixed in the latest v0.21.  Not sure why the link is not working though!

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Try again.  The link should be OK.

Thanks after solving my ISP/DNS problem it works.

I'm following in Scruff.r's steps, with no luck.  Have NE V0.21 but still can't open HMI file without getting access denied error.

IRT above comment, I'm using Windows 7.

I guess this actually belongs to the other bug report you filed here

I've realized that my `` somehow got set to read-only - maybe due to a non-complete uninstall of the previous version.

After correcting that it worked. 

Another workaround is to close Nextion Editor, delete the `` file and let NE rebuild it. 

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