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Simple home automation interface

This is just a simple interface I worked up to test...

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Where do you get your images for the onscreen buttons?


I use GIMP to create the images then use the crop image feature to use them as buttons.

Very nice example!

Thank you! I have been working on a better one now, though a bit sidetracks with life... I will post more when I get it done

What is making the clicking sounds?

I had a couple of 5v relays connected to a micro-controller that was communicating with the display and toggling the relays.

Hi Kyle

I just purchased the 5" Nextion display and am trying to learn how to communicate between the display and my Arduino Mega. Would you be willing to share the display code and the Arduino sketch to make your project?

I would be greatly appreciate it.


Here are both the full project directory for the display portion as well as the arduino code I used.  This display stuff was built in an older version of the Nextion Editor and things have changed since so you will need to port it to a 5" display (this was done on the 2.4") with the new commands.

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Thank you Kyle!!

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