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nextion editor download function

Does anyone have the FTDI usb to serial chip operational with the Nextion Editor download function?  I can only load the software to the Nextion via microSD. Any hints would help, thanks.

You don't necessarily need FTDI chip, you may use any USB/UART chip compatible with your Windows version. I use PL2303HXD.

You also need to choose baud rate 115200 instead of 9600 which is standard baud rate.

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager.

I found that the extra step of changing the baud rate in the device manager wasn't necessary for me as the download process overrides this setting temporarily to set the port for 115200 no matter what.

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ahh  a different usb-serial device converter works . . .

@Kyle Price

Thanks, you're right, I changed back to 9600 in Device Manager, and Nextion Editor overrides the setting when the connection starts.

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did you just copy the hmi to the sd card?

have to rename it to anything specific?

ok figured it out copy build folder file  xxxxx.tft to sd card

the timer should be a bit longer than 2 seconds or so

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