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3D printer application - graphics design


Looked into the Nextion Editor and it should be (to me) quiet simple to integrate some output into Marlin firmware. 

Input is not (yet) clear to me, first some display functions.

Does a graphic designer have any idea about the layout? or something alike to the attachment?


Yes, it is very easy to change the "graphics LCD with button" to "Nextion with Touch".  I think ITEAD should contact the marlin firmware team for this cooperation. 

@Gfaljoen do you know the marlin firmware team people ?

The Marlin code is out on github anyone can make a pull/fork here:

Maybe you can add a way to send out keystrokes/choices on the tx-line to keep it simple?

The arduino is heavy loaded with the gcode, not much spare time for scanning input!

Easy interface with less code on the client (arduino) was the goal right?

Maybe the rx can raise the interrupt so the MCU don't need to scan the serial port time to time .. 

Hi in marlinkimbra i insert this lcd... For moment only for arduino due...


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@Alberto can you please also share the HMI file?

but it is work in progress...


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@Alberto thanks for this effort you already made for making this possible!

Itead should be thankful...  

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Thank you all ! ITEAD is tring to contact the marlin team. Any progress will be posted here.

I am in the marlin team....

O(∩_∩)O Oh,found. Alberto Cotronei [@MagoKimbra]

How about the cooperation with Nextion? 

I have send your video link to Scott Lahteine [@thinkyhead],no response yet.

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I write issue on github marlin!!!

I continue developing my version of marlinkimbra ...

Someone good with graphics that can help me?

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