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3D printer application - graphics design


Looked into the Nextion Editor and it should be (to me) quiet simple to integrate some output into Marlin firmware. 

Input is not (yet) clear to me, first some display functions.

Does a graphic designer have any idea about the layout? or something alike to the attachment?


Thanks for your help. I started to use the configurator about 3 hours ago. :) And now my first test print is running. :)

I have problems with auto leveling first. (In marlin I have 4 points), Here I cannot set it, so I set 3 points.

Than I have problems with the head temperature, autotune is fixed it.

Is there a forum or chat about this firmware somewhere?

If you want can try configurator online

Yes you can upload to the community but remember of declare the original prjoect 

Thank you, I'll try it.

Have you got a link how to connect nextion to ramps?

If i modified the pictures, and project.hmi, how can I upload to the community?

And If this firmware is working good for me, I think I try to translate it to hungarian, how can I do that? (Now I successfully uploaded, some motors mooving, but the endstops not good yet, but i'm configuring now.)

No, the project use Nextion 4,3" for the 2,8" you must rewrite project .hmi and scale picture..

Thanks. Is it working with ramps 1.4, DRV8825, prusa i3 rework, nextion 2.8" HMI? (I'm using marlin now.)


Fw for 8 and 32 bit printers nextion lcd.

What is the status of this project now?

In my github MarlinKimbra you can found .hmi for nextion.

Nice job!!! Is there any chance you can share how you implemented the different elements of your display and your approach to refreshing them?

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I write issue on github marlin!!!

I continue developing my version of marlinkimbra ...

Someone good with graphics that can help me?

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