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export / import fonts

how can I export the fonts of your demo projects,

and then import into my projects.

If I generate fonts with the built in font editor,

they look not good at all.

It's always the same font (arial I think),
but shape and spacing is not good,
and in addition some of the characters are cut off on the left or right side :-(

see attachment

(15.3 KB)

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The Nextion Wiki ( says "For now, the English Font format that Nextion Editor only supports is Arial."

But when you look at the font on the PC screen or on the Nextion display, you can see that it's not Arial. For instance the "g" letter (shown with red arrow in attached picture) is clearly different.

The font seems to be a monospaced font (all characters use the same width).

I think you show the fonts of the example projects, right ?
this fonts are OK,
this fonts are not of type "arial".

my question was:
how can I export the fonts from the example projects,
and then import it into my projects.

another question:
since the built-in font generator produces this ugly results,
is there a different way or tool to generate fonts ?
How did the ITEAD people generate this clean fonts from their example projects ?


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 Yes I have the same issue. If you cannot offer new fonts or font import could you at least fix the problem with the font you call Arial?

Yes please offer some nice fonts in .ZI format ,  or at least the possibility to import fonts AND use them.
I want to use so called digital or LCD font .. busy whole day and no luck



Nextion editor can support all kinds of font in your local font folder. 

Download the font you want and put into the font folder.

Use the font generator of nextion editor to creat font.zi

Nextion editor can not import or export HMI file or zi at present.

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 Thanks for your reaction.

I found this tool font generator v 0.3   very usefull to convert .TTF fonts to .ZI files,  wich I then can add and use in the editor

Is that different from the font generator tool in the Nextion editor?



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this tool generate font the have same width regardless of the font size. I need a tool that can have letters that can have normal spacing like any of editor should have.

Nextion, what's the solution on providing font tool to actual can be used in a production environment?

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Fonts are an ongoing issue.  Many already mentioned

Import font is how you add a font to a project - was always there

Export font - carried forward.

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