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4 Pin Connector P/N

Does anybody know the part number of the 4 socket female connector that mates to the Nextion displays?  I would like to build some custom interfaces, but I don't want to mangle the board or the cable that came with the display...

They should sell these connectors in iMall. 

I know they call "PH2.54-4P" in China, but I cannot use this key to search then in digikey or mouser ...

Thank you for the info!!

those should be the standard breadboard pitch or most types of sensors use sold online

the nextion uses smaller ones Micro JST 1.25mm 4-Pin  or smaller yet like 1.0mm

I dont have mine yet so i can verify what one exact ,but its not 2.54mm

1.25mm 4p

1.00mm 4p

I'm sure its likely the 1.25mm version

if your interfacing it with arduino projects this is probably the best pnp choice

@Charles lakins

Are you sure it's so small ?

On my Nextion display the pitch is not 1,25 nor 1,00 mm, but 2,54 or 2,50 mm. See attached picture.

If the connector matches an rc 3s lipo battery balance plug you are right, otherwise its smaller than 2.54

because that's the only version that uses white connector at that pitch

I measured my 3s housing edge to edge and a few others

2.54 4p measures 10.7mm - 10.8mm across

2.0mm 4p measures 10mm across

1.25mm 4p measures 5.8mm across 

For those that are looking for a pre-made cable to mate with the Nextion, you can find these on eBay at a very good price

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