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Send number to Arduion

I can now send the page number and the component Id to Arduino as well as parse all data coming to the Arduino from the Nextion But

How would I send a number of 255 to the arduino using 

1- touch area with "Touch Release Event"

2- a text field when changed


To do this you have to:

1-touch area with "Touch Release Event"

    in the touch release put "get r0.val" or "get r0.txt"  r0 is the objname 

    this will send the value of "val" to the Arduino or the value of "txt" to the Arduino.

2- A text field when changed

    I still don't know how to change a ".txt" or a ".val" for an object with a "touch event"?


2- A text field when changed

    In the Touch Release Event put 


ref r0

get r0.val

And the code for arduino witch will be?
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