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Nextion 4.3 maximum baudrate

Is the Nextion 4.3 fixed at 9600 baud or can that be adjusted higher?

Not going to let this drop.... IS there any way to change the baud rate?

It can not be adjusted , just fixed at 9600 .. Suggest using the Micro SD to upload your project but no the serial port. 

FreeZinG, it is not about uploading code. It is about having faster interaction with the display. Having the display boot at 9600 baud and having a command to change it would be great. Digole does this with their displays.

Just contact ITEAD and they reply that the new version firmware will support change baud-rate , but I don't know how .. Waiting the update of commands 

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with baud rate 9600 it's practically unusable for arduino projects
57600 is really minimum for acceptable serial communication


And how to change the baud rate? When will the new firmware version released?

Same problem for me.
9600 is too low for my projects. This makes tranfer of 20 values running my project only in 10Hz rate.
57600 would be OK and 115200 would be perfect.


In the NexTouch.cpp file updated a few days ago ( ) 

there's a new function called "setCurrentBaudrate", so this confirms that it will "soon" be possible to change the baud rate of the display :-)


 * Set current baudrate. 
 * @param  baudrate - current baudrate,it surrpots 2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,38400.
 * @retval true - success. 
 * @retval false - failed.
bool setCurrentBaudrate(uint32_t baudrate)
    bool ret = false;
    char buf[10] = {0};
    String cmd;
    utoa(baudrate, buf, 10);
    cmd += "baud=";
    cmd += buf;

        dbSerial.println("setCurrentBaudrate ok ");
        ret = true; 
        dbSerial.println("setCurrentBaudrate err ");

    return ret; 


"38400" is written twice in the list of supported baud rates. What is the maximum baud rate - 57600 or 115200 ?

Typo : "supports" instead of "surrpots" :-) 

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I've just tested the command "baud=", and it actually works !!

I could change the baud rate to 115200, and the serial communication works.

See picture :

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It's also possible to use the command "bauds=" to keep the baud rate in memory when the display loses power supply.

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Are there more undocumented commands?


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All the commands will be listed here:

Maximum baudrate: 115200 

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How do I change the baud rate? For use with arduino.