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5 displays via software serial possible?

Would there be any general issue in using 5 Nextion displays connected via software serials with one Arduino ?

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... No.

It's UART not IIC.. 

Hello Al Fox,

Were you able to configure the 5 displays on one arduino?

I want to use to in a project with a MEGA but I am having some troubles in configuring the second display. Did you the same library as for the 1st display?

Thanks in advance,

This would be great!!  even if they have larger versions than 7" in future.  I did see reference to a 9" on the wiki page, but not for sale.

it's possible if you use a MUX DEMUX or use SoftwareSerial Library
exemple with 2 Serial:


Hello everybody,

If you look elsewhere at my previously posted messages you will see that I have overload problems. Can what is noticed by Seby 7060 also be a solution to my problems?

Thank you in advance for your replays,



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