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Upload of a new firmware via serial from an Arduino

As mentioned in another thread there are two possibilities (via serial / via SD-Card) to upload a new display firmware.



A device having an Arduino and a Nextion display connected and the Arduino USB is used to upload new firmware version (Arduino and Display). This USB port is accessible from outside the device.


In this scenario is there a possibility to update the display firmware via serial communication from the Arduino to the display? As the editor is doing this - is there a specific protocol?

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I tried a similar thing to use a Particle Photon to just pass the USB serial data on to the display (both 115200 baud) and vice versa, but the Editor just said, no device found.

Looks like there is some kind of handshake going in. Would be nice if somebody form the itead team can give some hints.

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I tried updloading via Serial and it stopped after 1%.  I had to use the microSD method.

Nextion/Itead,  please provide us with the protocol for this.  

In a production configuration the uSD card reader on the display is not accessible, we require to update via serial from the embedded board.  

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To answer the original question posed by AI Fox

For uploading new firmware via serial:

The official specifications were published in May 2016 on this Itead Blog Article

It has also been implemented in the IteadLib as NexUpload