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Weather example ported to Particle platform

If anyone is interested, I have ported the weather display example to the Particle Photon platform.  It should also work on the Particle Core :)

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"particle" is that what before named "spark" ?
I found their hardware very interesting,
but I wanted to be independent from a cloud or even a wifi router..
is that possible with their modules ?
communicating just among each other (from module to module - several modules)
kind of mesh network and or ad-hoc wifi network (without any router / host ) ?


Dirk, wifi is not meant to be meshed.  You can use the Particle devices without the cloud but you do need a wifi router.  Because they are open source, on guy developed a bluetooth "equivalent" (Bluz) that he says will mesh at some point.  He has hub/gateway that can connect 8 Bluz and can use a Particle device as an internet gateway.


Where would I find this ported version at? Thanks

Chris, I have not posted it yet.  I am having issues with DNS resolution of the weather api domain name.  I'll be testing the code on a Core to see if it works better.  I'll post the code on my github as soon as I get a chance.

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@chris, I'll post the weather app in a dropbox and get back to you with the link.  At present the code only works on the Core :)

Here is the Nextion weather example ported for the Core and Photon.  I have tested on both the devices but there may or may not be a DNS bug in the Photon version OR it is caused by my VPN (which I suspect).  Please report your results!

(14.1 KB)

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How can i use it for photon ? 

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