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How about making the Nextion IDE open source ?

since you earn money with the different nextion-display-modules,

and since the editor is for free,

how about making the Nextion-IDE open source ?

I think this will give a boost in "bugfinding" and new features and porting it to other platforms like linux and iOS

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I agree one hundred percent!

hardware definitely gets used more in those situations and before long different forks come into play


There is not such plan at current stage. 

Make it open source, it will give this project and the use of the display modules a huge boost.

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I agree, too, however itead probably can't because of the proprietary firmware and display rendering code, however, they could make it available on more platforms including Linux (x86, ARM) and Mac. 

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If you are hesitant to make the IDE open source in case it gives too many secrets away.

How about a closed source command line compiler that would accept an open XML format description of the application. I imagine it would be easier for you guys to write a command line compiler for different platforms and then the community can get behind creating IDE's.

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Matt > Agree 100%. 

Have first Nextion LCD, there is big nightmare to use this software. 

1) Which man things, that delete component MUST be combo with one and all near from it ???

2) The same is add component.

3) I understand, that blah blah blah, but, why is compile window too big, and other windows too small ?

4) Why - for example color - is not possible to direct input (CTRL+V,CTRL+C) ??

5) Why the position fields is not refreshed when moving the component ?

6) and so on and so on

10 years in the past, i wrote form editor in, so i know, how big deal it is, but this is not for normal peoples. This time, i use this very good display, but the software kill it totaly. My display will have 10 pages, with lot of components, so XML import will be better for generate firmware, than develop it in this fucked editor - sorry, but that's true, this is not normaly application.

When this editor will be opensource - only editor, not compiler for example and etc - some people will move this very good HW project into sky ! - As the good man, which hack your f...... font generator.

It seems the guy doing the GUI has missed testing the software on bigger screens, as he thought setting the compiler window smaller than code window while he assigned client align option to the former and assigning right align option to the latter, so the result when you maximize the application on a screen which is bigger than the programmer's one, gives a result of compiler window bigger than code window. But any way, why you chose the tiny code window on the bottom right corner? at last not suitable to write code. I'm sorry but this not a GUI for an application.


All the boundary bars should be draggable like the ones that do move now are, 

on my one laptop it's impossible to work in some boxes because they cant be enlarged or moved to show some items needed to edit

I would buy lots of these displays if there were Linux or open source options.

I guess, as long as Itead care for "marketing-issues" and cripple down functionalities of their editor, it won't became open source ...


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

XML to TFT command line compiler - Carried forward

Open Source - carried forward

Linux Version - carried forward

@Patrick: Any desisions?

As I can see, the development of the Editor simple got stuck. (5 months ago the last post from Patrick...) Otherwise is Nextion one of the best products where the GUI-Logic can be made separated from the controller's logic.

I cannot understand, why is it not yet an open source project, when there is obviously not enough capacity from iTead to make simple imporovements for the Editor since years. 
I think, that the Editor with ready made keyboard components, skins, GUI-elements, better script possibilities (extended if, switch, subfunctions, ...)  where the key to be a markt leader with the Nextion products. 
Let us help...

Decision is simple.

  - To uphold the Long Term Legal Agreements between TJC and Itead

    The Nextion currently remains closed source.  Joint decision required.

  - Users Feature Request for other OS support and Open Source, still noted.

The Development of the Editor has not been stuck

   - advances within the Editor have been made in last 5 months.

   - advances within the Nextion firmware, also not stuck, again many advances.

Also in the last 5 months - most responses to a thread are within hours

 - very few needs to post responses within an inactive thread.

So here is the skinny,

   a few months ago a call for those interested in OpenSource was made

   the result was less than impressive and little to no code was produced

The time for OpenSource consideration came and passed

  - and it did not fair well when zero code was presented to support the initiative.

I certainly wasn't going to release my code when I saw no other lines of code.

So what is to be expected?

  About four times a year, two or three people want the code to be released

  Thank GOD that Nextion advances didn't rely on such inactivity

  I think that Nextion would have become a dead product under OpenSource.

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