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how to make the types of gauges seen in the demo ?

how can one create the types of gauges seen in the this demo:


or is it just a fake / non-functional ?

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=)  Well yes, superimposable indeed would produce nicer effects.

Not necessarily fully happy, but as for the OPs point yes.

I'd still love if my own use-case would be made possible either with transparent (superimposable) images or even better a dedicated control one of these days ;-)

So your satisfied?

In the demo, this was the approach used

Even with this approach,

I can replicate other thread (not every angle, but at least to the second)

And account for subseconds numerically.

Sorry Patrick, my response doesn't fit your post - which I can take as it is.

It was meant as reply to Gerry's post - which might not me obvious due to the order of posts.

Unless you have a timer/countdown which displays the current and the end time (or for a stop watch the starting time and the time covered since) as seen in the image in the opening post of my feature request.

And since the times covered (e.g. 3:21:00 ~ 3:31:00: pm or 5:37:00 am ~ 6:12:00 ) is not known at design time I'd honestly wonder how you'd create a set of images to do that beforehand.

As for the story of how demo's gauge is done.  Covered.

As far as arbitrary sliding start stop, can also be done.

Sliding scale to go with sliding start/stop - not really, no.

and?  with a circular stopwatch you still have fixed start and stop angels, which you define once at designtime ...

and honestly, with above "demos" I can create any start/stop angel/position between 0' and 360' on the fly even at runtime, not only at designtime ...

Hmm, you might be unaware, but I have proposed such a use case a few years back

and where do you need arbitrary start/stop angels? 

at designtime you design it once, according to the angels you like to have, but where is the need to change it after this? 

I am not aware about any Gage out with dynamic changing scale ...

and the design phase is up to you ... completely arbitrary ...

These are nice looking demos and will suit a lot of cases, but for arbitrary start/stop angles this approach is not feasable.

Any rate, easy for Nextion to swap in pic based value

 - technique was shown in Nextion Gallery thread back in Sep 2015

Circular gauge with Timer Event

Back from Stump the Chump Competition



I believe so ...




As Wade and Paul pointed to (and I told 6 months ago in Feature Request)

The effect is done through a series of pictures.

Graphic quality, a bit less as this was created in Windows Paint

I am sure Photoshop, Adobe or the likes can produce some awesome images.






Version 0.47 TFT attached can be run in Nextion Editor Debug.

(1.36 MB)
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