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how to make the types of gauges seen in the demo ?

how can one create the types of gauges seen in the this demo:


or is it just a fake / non-functional ?

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The gauges in that video don't actually seem to be moving.

That said, you can accomplish what you describe by saving several identical-but-for-pointer-position images of gauges:

pic 50,50,0       // where image-id(0) is a gauge at 20%

pic 50,50,1       // where image-id(0) is a gauge at 75%


I haven't done this yet, but there seems to be plenty of memory available for this: five screens with 20-some controls consume 1MB of the usable 4MB.

there should be a more simple way I think ...


The 4D Systems folks use exactly that method of having multiple images to animate a gauge.  However, they store all the image on the onboard microSD card, not in onboard flash.

Another way is to have the base image and a drawing primitive for the gauge portion only, where a diameter is defined and a value is given to illuminate the segments.  This is up to the ITEAD team to develop.  With a few solid primitives, a lot of cool stuff could be done.

Hence my proposal for a new gauge/progressbar control here

If you want this as much as I do, please upvote :+1:

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is it possible for some one to maken a step by step "how to" maken a gauge

i want to maken a temp.gauge for my aquarium. 

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It can be done! I did this...



Actually the type of gauges OP is talking about aren't like clock hands but rather something like this

As Wade and Paul pointed to (and I told 6 months ago in Feature Request)

The effect is done through a series of pictures.

Graphic quality, a bit less as this was created in Windows Paint

I am sure Photoshop, Adobe or the likes can produce some awesome images.






Version 0.47 TFT attached can be run in Nextion Editor Debug.

(1.36 MB)
I believe so ...





Back from Stump the Chump Competition


Any rate, easy for Nextion to swap in pic based value

 - technique was shown in Nextion Gallery thread back in Sep 2015

Circular gauge with Timer Event

These are nice looking demos and will suit a lot of cases, but for arbitrary start/stop angles this approach is not feasable.

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