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how to upload from Nextion Editor to the display ?

what are the possibilities to upload a project to the nextion Display ?

- is it possible with a flash card ?

- which filesystem is needed on this flash card then ?

- is it possible with a "FTDI" (USB-Serial) Cable ?

- which cable is the right one then ?

where is the documentation for all this things ?

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You can use the FTDI(USB-Serial) cable to upload the bin/hex from PC to Nextion by Nextion Editor. 

But it's slow by using the serial to upload project, we suggest you can use the sd cart to do it: copy the bin/hex to the SD card and plug it into Nextion SD card slot, when power on the Nextion it will upload the project from SD card.  

- which filesystem is needed on this flash card then ?


@itead, in another thread you said:

"You can not use the USB-Serial to upload any project now"

What you said above contradict that.  Can you clarify?

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I have only uploaded by SD card but here is how i did it:

put the bin file on a sd card then insert it to the nextion restart nextion to load file

when load is done take out sd card then restart nextion

chris, you need to put the compiled .tft file on the SD card.  If you have an example.hmi design file, the compile command will generate an example.tft file.  In my case, I had to search for it since it was not where I expected.


Yes you are right! and the .tft file is found in "File" then "Build folder" in the Nextion Editer


which "FTDI" (USB-Serial) Cable is the right one then ?

3,3V or 5 V

where is the documentation for all this things ?



I am using

and connecting FTDI ---- Nextion

5v --- 5v


RX --- TX "Nextion"

TX --- RX "Nextion"

Uploading it this way is so slowwwwwww

About 4 min compared to 30sec if done by the SD card

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but you can also use it for the debugger/simulator within the nextion editor, right ?


Yes you can! But to upload it use the SD card

Is there any unix tool that will flash a bin file to the screen? 

I'm looking for a scenario when my screen is connected and in production.

Maybe there is something like an updater app (python?)


maybe there you can find what you look for .... py as well as exe



looks like there is no ready solution, (like esptool for esp8266).

it only looks like ... if you read the whole thread, you will find

- a py script for TFT upload
- native win32 exe doing the same ...
- all sources, so it is most easy to implement in whatever you like ...


or what do you expect more???

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