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Download to nextion 4.3 not working

I attempted to download a file (43.hmi demo) to a nextion 4.3 via a USB-to-serial adapter connected to the display.  The download utility informed that a firmware upgrade would be done.  The correct port was selected at 115Kbaud and the download started.  It then stopped at 1% with 36864 bytes transferred and got stuck there even after waiting several minutes.  The nextion editor and downloader windows would not close and had to be killed in the task manager.  Now when I power the nextion display, its shows "DATA ERROR".  Help!

Don't worry about that, maybe you just destroy the boot-loader of the Nextion so it can not boot right. You can not use the USB-Serial to upload any project now , so try using the SD card to upload the file.   After that your Nextion boot-loader will back. And please make sure that your file is smaller than the Nextion 4.3" Flash size. 

>>"...And please make sure that your file is smaller than the Nextion 4.3" Flash size..."

does not the Nextion editor take care of that (of maximum filesize) ?


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Great!  Worked as expected.  What is the "maximum flash size"??

maximum flash size:


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I tried to upload Example 4.3 project to Nextion 4.3 using SD Card. (First, I delete original 43.tft, then change "Text&Button" to "Text+Button" so I can observe change.) After compile, 43.tft copied to SD card. It is only file on SD card. Size is 2.2MB. Now, try to update, but only "SD Card Update....." on the Nextion, nothing is happening. How can I upload to Nextion? 


SD card and Flash use the same bus.  Some low quality SD card will have impact on the accuracy of the data.

Please use another SD card and have a try.


The Nextion Editor will take care of the file size;

The TFT itself will check the file size in SD card before upload to Flash as well.

Nextion 2.4 (320x240) working on power up show default 'Welcome to use Nextion Editor' screen

All functions, impressed.

I attempted to load my first Nextion Editor compiled file to the Nextion 2.4 via the SD card.

Nextion recognised the SD card then went through a % upload to 100%

It then gave the message 'Upload Failed...'

I now only receive a 'blank white screen' and it makes no attempt to upload from the SD card even with the Example tft file.

How do I reset or gain control back?

Me too, your support is too slow, you guys should release manual ASAP!!!!

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I have the same problem


If Nextion display can not be downloaded HMI file/TFT file or can not be connected or bricked,

the general way is :

1. Built an empty HMI file and compile.Using the latest version.

2. Copy the TFT file into your SD card.(Where to find the file:Nextion editor→File→Open built folder)

3. Insert the SD cart ,power on Nextion display(5V&GND)

4. Normally,the boot-loader will be back.Then you can try to connetct Nextion display to your computer.

5. If all above are helpless,please add a new ticket to ITEAD Support.TKS.

What is an empty hmi file?

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i tried this but it didnt work and therefore added a new ticket.

Sorry didn't work for me either.

Still looking at a blank white screen

me either


This may sound stupid but it worked for me.
I  interrupted a down down and since then the nextion always reported back "no data". So i tried the above method with 2 different SDcards. That didn't work. Reported "file not found".
This did work -> I set the orientation to portrait then followed Looky_Xu advice. Making sure I used the same i then successfully updated the screen via the editor.  I'm not what made a difference.  But it worked. maybe worth a try.


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