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starting with Iboard


I bought a Iboard, and I need to know how to program a new sketch over it, using the IDE arduino, or what I need to program the atmega328 in it.

I hope you help me!



I suffer from the same problem.

I have already try setting it to Duemilio.. with Atmega328p, my foca is recognized by my OS, I see the comport on arduino ide, Nevertheless I am getting sync errors. I have tried it on two different IBoards

Please respond!


I had a trouble with my foca voltage leves, I fixed it and then works good setting to duemilanove board.

the Iboard works good



And How did you fixed it? There is a switch on foca which changes 3.3 to 5V. Mine is at 3.3V position is currently.

yes, I change the position of the switch. cuz it was in 5V


In this case, it won't solve my problem because it is already setup for 3.3V :(

Thanx anyway

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Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

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Iboard does not compile any code. I've tried everything. I'm using FTDI32Help me !!

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