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Proposal for extension of progressbar or gauge

In order to create a stopwatch/countdown clock I'd like to display the time used/to go was in a circular progressbar or gauge like this

Additionally it would be good if progressbars would not fix run from 0 to 100 but would have an inbuilt mapping logic with user-defineable margins, which could also be used to flip orientation (left/right -> right/left)

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I'd like to replicate an analogue clock with graphic elements for the hands.

Could that be done as well?

I was thinking the 'gauge' hand(s) would be an image with transparency. The images could be set to rotate around their center for a given degree value (0-360).


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Even your own promotion picture does suggest something like this (the three segmented circles ;-))

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This was their own promotion - carried forward.

This is realized through the use of pictures.

Sorry, but that is a workaround at best, especially since transparent images are not supported it's impossible to do what I showed above.

Having an arbitrary starting time and and arbitrary end time would need more images stored on the device than even the biggest display offers (for minutes resolution, you'd have 60*59 images - if you want a seconds inner ring, you'd need that times 60*59 again)

We can argue it further but,

The promo three segmented circles done via pictures

  inner text is text component (note square .bco color under number)

But you want this reworked into the gauge component.

 - it wasn't taken to expand firmware further

 - opted for more features

Shown can be done in thread ...

how to make the types of gauges seen in the demo

As said in the other thread, looks nice but doesn't cover the whole story

What part of the story is not covered?

I can't quite picture how I'd replicate the picture shown in the OP (with any arbitrary start/end time) without employing line draw function.

Yes, some GUI commands may be needed as well

Even Nextion's button issues several line commands for edging.

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