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Reflow Oven Control Screens

Made these for my Teensy shield reflow oven controller I'm working on that supports the Nextion, more info to come when codes been implemented and tested

expect these to change when I figure out progress bars ect


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How can i  download nextion editor?
'or where?


Its listed on the "Updates page" of the Campaign 1 month ago

so far so good


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Did you make the bezel with the STEP file from ITEAD ? Did it fit straight away, or was it necessary to make adjustements ?

my friend converted them to stl for me and I printed it

the first layer gets wonky due to who over designed it... I think made it have a curved face

as you see in my images

4.3 screen loaded

no bezel printed yet for the 4.3

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We can just hope that ITEAD will improve the fonts...

more choices would be awesome

One thing I noticed 480x272 is standard on the 4.3" using sd, however the editor will allow uploads of 480x320 and the screen looks better I find

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