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Text Componet

Is there a possibility to implement opaque background for text components 

into the editors functions for background choices, instead of image or colors?

maybe other components could use this feature too

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my bad... I spelled "component" wrong in the title

What do you mean with "opaque bachground"? Isn't solid-color exactly that?

Or do you mean transparency? If so, I've just openend a request for transparency.

yes transparency on text so just the font color shows

it would make text on a background show without using colored boxes

a much better presentation when using image backgrounds

examples... (showing suggestion & current option)

Currently you can do that with "sta" as "crop-image". Which is a bit a clumsy way of doing it.

You set the crop-image to the fullscreen backgrond and when the text is rendered, it gets rendered onto the respective portion of the crop-image and the combination of both gets cropped to the area of the text field and this portion gets displayed.

With transparency this would be much more straight forward. 

yeah for sure! ,I'd never figure out how to do it that way lol

ohh I figured it out :) not so bad after all

We should start sharing small examples on here

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heres my 4.3 file for it so far (link & attached)


just testing different ideas, trying to figure out slider bars now

It would be nice to allow for transparent background in images (png), sorry for my poor english.

In the image below, i would like it to not have any background, but when i put it in the editor it transform it and make it black background color in the suposed transparent areas... as you can see in the second picture... :(

(56.2 KB)

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Sorry, when posting the comment it changed the order of the photos... the transparent one is the controlxy.png, and the other one is what the nextion editor shows...


@Aisflou, since this request here mainly deals with transparency in text fields, your request would better be suited in the other more general transpatency request topic - and please upvote the ideas you'd like to see implemented.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Although transparency is not implemented it is on the list to be represented

Solid background are already implemented as Scruff.r has pointed out