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Grammatical mistakes report here

When I'm asked to upgrade the software, "remide me next time" should be "remind me next time"

In debug window, when I choose send to "serial port", the "connected" button should be "connect". I suggest use "COM" to replace "Serial No."

Click "Open" and "New", same pop-up window occurs. Suggest that the pop-up window should be the resolution choosing window, when I click "New".

Have no idea what is the meaning or function of Send Key Value.

What are those four buttons for? Every time I click them respectively, it appears "exceed XXX". I don't know what exceeds? I suppose they are for changing the font size, apparently not. BTW, "Height" should be "Size" .

I think "send key value" makes sense , however it could be just changed to "enable output" or "enable" to specify the tab is enabled when event is triggered

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The attributes panel:

Guess the exact meaning of X, Y, W, and H is as following:

X: the starting coordinate of component in X axis

Y: the starting coordinate of component in Y axis

W: the width of component

H: the height of component

Delete Selected Component, choose this option actually delete one each time. It seems that there are only two options for you actually: delete one, and delete all.


In the event editing panel, what's the differences between autoloading and load commands.....

Touch area component, this should be explained in more detail.

"Download" should rather be called "Upload".

Download usually suggests that you do get something from somewhere down onto your computer and if you push something out of your computer you usually upload it.

Upload to Nextion Device Dialog..

It says upload at the top - but then "Forced download baudrate" - one or the other, please.

A little formatting in that box would be nice. (4M Byte) should perhaps be (4MB). While showing the Estimated time remaining - put a space after the number of seconds and the word "seconds".

We are told we have 4MB - but do we actually HAVE all of that available?  I'm up to over 3MB and I'm hoping there are no surprises.

When uploading/downloading to device - the PC display showing data stops counting down the seconds after a while -- meanwhile the Nextion device which continues to count, says "Pleas wait Write DATA...." should be "Please wait, writing DATA...."

Send Componet ID --- > Send Component ID



I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Perhaps a sticky page for this would be good, but in Bug Reports