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Basic functions

When user did some changes in the project and he want to close project, would be good ask him: "Do you want to save your changes?"

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an auto save on close and or every so often would work too ,much like word processors do

the first time would ask for filename and save to location 

since this is about saving maybe a list of available cloud server "upload to..." dropdown links and "share url" button (like twitter) after uploading ,It's more of a feature than saving but makes it easy to share files.. just a thought

maybe is possible take some inspirations from here:
I use this one for my Aquarium controller based on arduino and I can tell, that it's perfect display with perfect software, but more expensive than Nextion ;-)
Now I'm working on "home controller" also based on arduino and i need more displays so i bought 6 Nextion and hope that working with Arduino <-> Nextion will easy like in 4Dsystems


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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

- Ask to save changes on save, has been implemented

- Autosave, Upload to, and Share URLs are being carried forward.

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