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Suggestions from Charles lakins

Some suggestions for improvement

1. if possible to have a select box, zoom & crop on ADD image to library, so you can take smaller or larger images and import the parts you want to the library

2. if all work spaces can be re-sizable/draggable by the dividers that will help in all chosen screen resolutions, as I cant see images/pages section on one machine at the same resolution as my other one that does display it corectly (could be just that pc)

3. on the ID window PCO2 needs to show "press event text color" as it now says "default font color" the same as PCO 

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Another thing

1-  if the ID fields for colors could be also manually inputted it might make it easier to select the color just from memory rather than selecting from pallet boxes

I found it tricky to remember what custom color I used because the pallet didn't keep my custom color in the boxes for user defined colors, 

even though I knew the number I couldn't get the shade right again or just type in the number I wanted to replicate

2- if there's a way to make text areas opaque when used over the background image that would be awesome :)

is it too hard to implement animated gif images?  

be neat for logos and backgrounds such as the weather station could use moving rain, and or clouds and the sun,moon ect

another thought while brainstorming

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The animated gif images not support, at least so far.

Hi Charles,

you can simulate an animated gif by a timer Event and some static Images. The timer Event increments a variable that store the actual number of the picture.


Halifax? as in Nova Scotia, Canada?  Home of Alexander Keith's?

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

- GIFs can be imported, supported in that manner

- GIF transparency or animation not supported.

- Picture cropping/resizing not implemented - carried forward

- Color selector retain selected values - carried forward

- Color entry by numbers rather than selector - carried forward

there's a way to make text areas opaque - implemented

working panes resizable dragable - implemented

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