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debug / simulator window cut off.

 I use Win 7 64bit
with a screen resolution of 1280x800 (Notebook),

and I can see the debug / simulator window not complete,
it's somehow cut off at the bottom,
no matter if I display it full screen or resized...
--> see attachments

(56.4 KB)
(63.4 KB)

Thanks for your feedback.

I have that kind of issue on one machine but not the other

i think adding all movable sections like some are now already would fix or make it fixable in various resolutions

both computers are running at 1366x768

V1.0 released.


Upgrade and try again.

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the download link is still is v0.9 ( )

you need a check for download button under tool menu too I think

I installed the new version. 

The 'About' menu says that the version number is V0.10 !! 

not sure what the new version changes are, I cant see anything different

is there a list of changes or fixes?

Changes list will be displayed before you upgrade. 

so far nothing was displayed during the update to v0.13 is that only included in the next release and following ones?

if the area boundary bars were movable like the side vertical bars are it would make arranging workspaces easier 

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During the update from V0.10 to V0.14 no changes list was displayed.

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