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Slotted holes for component pads


I'm designing some boards that I would like to manufacture via your service.  I have a question regarding slotted holes for specific components, eg. a DC power jack socket.  These pads should have more or less rectangular holes (and must be through-plated).

I can provide 2 ways for such a hole:

  • Multiple overlapping drilling holes
  • Slot definition for milling operation
Which method works with your services, and in case of milling, in which file should I put the milling slots?
Thanks in advance

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If there is only problem around the milling hole please ignore the issue

My last PCB order contained 2 sample boards from Itead Studio showing your current PCB fabrication capabilities. The sample board shows two examples of slotted pads. Is Itead able to tell us how this can be done with Eagle 6.x?

My boards with slotted were fabricated correctly by iTead. I used a large pad, and added a cutout rectangle in the milling layer on top of the pads.  The rectangle was cutout perfectly (corners rounded due to the milling cutter limitation) and the hole was plated.

Hi Patrick, can I ask you; With which gerber extension did you use when export the milling layer?

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