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ITEAD CAM and DRC files


I've seen numerous mentions of CAM and DRC files for ITEAD STUDIO Open PCB service, but I cannot find them anywhere.  I'm currently using EAGLE 7.1.

Can someone at ITEAD provide a link to download them ?

I'm about to send in my first order and want to maximize the chances of receiving perfect boards.


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I got tired of waiting for an answer, so I opened a ticket.  I got the following reply:


Hi Yves,

Here is the link for you to down load, and we will check the Gerber design for you before production, too.

Have an nice day and Happy New Year!

Best Regard

Emmy Yin


Indeed, in that page (if you scroll down a bit), there is a tab called Download.  The files are there.

Hope it helps others.


That link no longer has the files!

Instead, I found them here on one of the "old" sites and have attached them here in case they disappear from there too in the fullness of time.

(995 Bytes)

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Thanks a lot for those files Trevor, nice work and happy soldering :)


No worries Peter. Glad to have helped in the pursuit of more soldering ;-)

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