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Gboard - GSM doesn't response

Hi. hello. i have 1 problem with Gboard. I want to make an auto sms. use on alarm system. to alert me in case of no electricity. My sim card has no PIN code, have some of amount of credit & not yet expired even already subscribed data plan for the internet. i uploaded the source code to the board & i already turn on the powerkey. status led in on while NET led is blinking at interval of 3 seconds. the g board  is supplied by DC power adapter 12V 1.5A. later then, i change to 12v 2A as i afraid that is lack of power. after all, still yet this problem happen. below is the error shown when i run the GSM_Shield_Reg source code.

GSM doesn't response

Registration 0

This error repeatedly came out on arduino serial monitor. I would to know if there other modification should be made. As for the arduino IDE, i used arduino IDE version 0023 while the library used is from Gboard - Itead Wiki. i have been search what is the cause of this problem. but, yet found no answer. i would be very glad if someone could share with me how to solve this problem. thank you.


Here is another GSM library for gboard. It is better than the old one.

And set the jumpers like these:  ST->D2;SR->D3

You should use Arduino IDE 1.0X instead of 0023. 

thank you for the new library. but yet still same problem. SIM900 doesn't answer. here is the screenshot.


Could you send me a picture of your connection? And did the net LED blink at 64ms on/3000ms off?

Try the below way to check if the SIM900 is working.

1. upload a void sketch into gboard.

void setup(){}

void loop(){}

2. this time set the jumper like this: 

    ST->D1; SR->D0

3. press the power button.

4. open the serial monitor, set the baud rate to 9600, and set the mode to carriage return. Then send "AT" or "AT+GSV" commands to see if you can receive data from SIM900.

Best Regards!


Yup. I do get net LED blink at 64ms on/3000ms off. The result is same as above when i uploaded a void sketch into gboard. How ever, when i upload back the GSM SMS code, not working. on the other hand, below is the screenshot & the pictures of the connection.

When you use the demo of the GSM library, you should change the baud rate into 9600, too.


If it is not working, unplug the power supply and try it again.

Hello hazim, how did you do that? can you show me the connection between gboard and arduino uno?

Hi to all! I have the same problem but i am using the stead studio GPRS/GSM minimum system board. When i send AT commands at the board i do not get any response. I receive numbers when I try to use a command to send SMS. Please help i am losing my mind! I am attaching the code  i am using and the responses from the serial port.

(391 KB)
(389 KB)


I am study MCU PIC18F4580 with modem IComSat 1.1 GSM SIM900 e have a problem and I need help,

First – Can I connect my MCU direct in IComSat 1.1 GSM SIM900? How? Have scheme please?

Second – I connect IComSat 1.1 GSM SIM900 in RS232 and my PC and good work, but not in MCU. I’m program in PicC, have a example code  for compare?

Most example are Arduino and not is my case, I try several codes of internet but in RS232 work good but where connect modem not action, not send message, not response…

dream host how to??


Any luck on this topic? I have a similar problem. I can see the leed blinking at 3ms, but whenever I  try to check the registration status with gsm.getStatus(); or gsm.CheckRegistration(); or gsm.IsRegistered(); I never get the actual correct values (2, 1 and 2). I can even call the sim number.

Any help on this will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance guys!

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