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Raspberry Pi 2.8″ TFT Add-on touch function

 I had buy it. Using tutorial on I got it working with my Pi, but touch function does not work... How can I enable it?


The version 1 of RPI 2.8 add on doesn't support touch function, but the version 1.1 RPI 2.8 add-on can.


I also have the same module V1.1 and touch is not enabled by following the same tutorial.

Is there a way to calibrate the screen or test the touch function?


My appologies for your waiting.

For v1.1, enabling touch function needs two steps:

Step one: load the fbtft driver with command below,

    sudo modprobe fbtft_device name=itdb28 gpios=reset:14,dc:2,wr:3,cs:8,db00:17,db01:18,db02:27,db03:22,db04:23,db05:24,db06:25,db07:4 rotate=90 fps=50

Step two: load the touch driver with this,

    sudo modprobe ads7846_device cs=1 speed=2000000 gpio_pendown=15 x_max=3850 x_min=230 x_plate_ohms=100 swap_xy=1 verbose=2 pressure_max=255 y_min=190 y_max=3850

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